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Insider: October 24, 2019

- CASE - PRX announces two new director-level hires - White papers and studies... and more!

Keep an eye on this. From The Verge: “On Tuesday, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to approve a measure that would shake up the Copyright Office if it were made into law, creating a small claims court where online content creators can go after their infringers.”

PRX announces new Director of Brand Marketing and Director of Digital Fundraising. The former is Emie Michaud Weinstock, formerly of ReveledUp, an “experiential marketing firm for mission-driven orgs and non-profits.” The latter is Kevin Cooney, who joins from WERS, a non-commercial radio station in Boston, where he oversaw stuff like annual giving, major gifts, memberships, underwriting, stuff like that. Say hello.

Speaking of which. PRX, together with Market Enginuity and consumer insight company Claritas, has released a white paper on podcast listenership. On a similar note, Art19 and Veritonic have a new lift study out on podcast brand campaign impacts. I know some of y’all have been asking for more links to stuff like this for your own devices, so there you go.’s Pineapple Street Studios is launching a Ronan Farrow podcast.

It’s a companion to his new book, Catch and Kill, which I’m still waiting to arrive in the mail. Here’s the Deadline on the matter.

NAAAARRRCOOOSSS. This New York Times Q&A, with TV critic turned podcaster turned TV showrunner Andy Greenwald, is dope, particularly if you’re a longtime fan of The Watch and the Hollywood Prospectus like me.

Not directly podcast related but useful. From “How does the games industry solve its problem with music licensing?”

Not directly podcast related but great. For those who can’t stop watching (and seething over) this WeWork bullshit, Matt Levine’s new column over at Bloomberg Opinion is just *chef’s kiss*: [Adam] Neumann did a certain sort of capitalism — one with some cachet at HBS! — as well as anyone has ever done it. It is one thing to build a successful company that creates a lot of value and take some of that value for yourself; Neumann created a company that destroyed value at a blistering pace and nonetheless extracted a billion dollars for himself. He lit $10 billion of SoftBank’s money on fire and then went back to them and demanded a 10% commission. What an absolute legend.