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Insider: July 9 — links links links

Miscellaneous Notes.

(1) From The Verge: “PodcastOne’s ‘free’ podcast hosting service will cost you.” Ashley Carman rightfully points out that Launchpad One, PodcastOne’ rebranded and expanded hosting service, may technically be free to use, but it nevertheless comes with a price.

“PodcastOne can insert two ads into any show that hosts on its platform,” she writes, “These ads are sold through PodcastOne’s team, and the company says it retains 100 percent of revenue ‘in order to keep hosting free.'” Yeesh. When something’s free to use, the people are the product, etc etc.

(2) Netflix has hired its Head of Podcasts: N’Jeri Eaton, who joins from Apple, where she worked on Apple Podcasts’ original programming team, which produced stuff like The Line and companion podcasts to Apple TV+ shows. Before that, she was at NPR, most recently as the senior manager of program acquisitions. She joined Apple last summer.

Netflix’s audio operations sits in the editorial and publishing team, which is part of the marketing division. That marketing orientation should give you some sense of what we’re talking about when we’re talking about Netflix in audio — for now, anyway. Last month, the company hired Michelle Lee, formerly the editor-in-chief of Allure, to lead the editorial and publishing team.

(3) Finally: Transom, the non-profit dedicated to providing educational resources to the next generation of public radio producers, is seeing two departures: managing editor Samantha Broun and Transom Story Workshops lead instructor Rob Rosenthal, who are moving on to pursue other projects. Jennifer Jerrett, who had been interim managing editor while Broun was a Nieman fellow last year, is taking over the role permanently, while the non-profit has decided to not continue the Transom Story Workshops following Rosenthal’s departure.

Both Broun and Rosenthal will continue to be based in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, where Transom is.