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Hot Pod Insider

Insider: January 2, 2020

Introductory Note for the Year

Warm greetings all, and happy new year. Nick here, thoroughly unrested from the break and utterly glad to be back to work.

I spent most of the holiday season stricken with miserable sickness — the variety that leaves you woozy and hallucinatory when upright for too long. On the one hand, being rendered horizontal is incredibly annoying. On the other hand, what better excuse to do nothing at all than being dehydrated and incapacitated by the flu? Ah, the glorious inverted logic of the millennial burnout generation.

That being said, it’s not like I had plans for relaxation even if I had all my beans together. I’m a new homeowner — of a hundred-year-old fixer-upper, no less — and I had every intent to spend my time off from Hot Pod drilling holes into walls, figuring out the furnace system, and negotiating peace treaties with the nation of dust bunnies in the basement. (A truce is not forthcoming.) In other words, I was looking forward to filling my work vacation… with other kinds of work. Yikes.

Whatever, I’m back at my desk now. As you can tell, no full Insider today, but I wanted to flag a few things:

  • We’re building a preview column for next Tuesday’s issue, i.e. the first public newsletter of 2020, that will outline the major story lines we’ll be tracking as we move into the new year. And we’d like to hear from you on this front as well: what podcast-related questions are on your mind right now? Doesn’t have to be big-picture stuff or strictly industry-related.
  • More broadly, I’m developing a tracking list for upcoming releases, returning shows, and big projects — both for Hot Pod and my work with Vulture. So, whether you’re a big publisher or operating on your own, this would be the best time to loop me in.
  • Hot Pod Insider comes back properly tomorrow with news and analysis.

Sounds good? Great. I’m glad to be working again.