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Infinite Australians (and Canadians) 2019

A look up North, and Down Under.

Edison Research dropped the Australian version of its Infinite Dial study earlier this month, and in case you haven’t spotted it yet (go here!) I’ll just go ahead and sum up what my brain took away from it: A greater proportion of Australians are aware of the term “podcasting” compared to Americans (83%, versus 70%), but conversions to actual listenership across the board — ever tried, weekly, monthly — are lower by quite a bit. Curious!

Meanwhile, the market research firm also teased its upcoming Infinite Dial Canada report, which will be widely distributed on May 21 (here’s a link to the webcast sign-up), and it suggests greener pastures up north: “Over one-quarter of Canadians 18+ now own a smart speaker, and 36% of Canadians 18+ are now weekly podcast listeners, according to The Infinite Dial 2019 Canada report… Podcasting also saw tremendous growth year-over-year, with 36% of the 18+ population having listened to a podcast in the last month, up from 28% in the 2018 survey.”