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How to access Sidechannel

(1) To get started, download Discord. You can find links for the desktop and mobile apps here.

(2) Next, read the Sidechannel rules. We’re doing our best to make Sidechannel a smart, inclusive, generative community. Read these rules to see what we’re going for. Did we miss something? Let me know.

(3) After that, join the server. Click the access link below to do so. Please don’t share it with friends and colleagues — it’s not fair to us and everybody else. I will be checking from time to time.

(4) That link will automatically assign you the “role” of Hot Pod. Roles are how Discord gives users different permissions. The Hot Pod role helps you meet other readers with whom you may share common interests. It also grants you access to the #members-only channel, which is available only to people with the Hot Pod role. (If for some reason you’re not assigned that role by default, get in touch and once I make sure you’re a subscriber I’ll grant you the role manually.)

(5) As a Sidechannel member, you’re free to browse any of the other public channels, which cover topics including startups and venture capital, remote work, platforms, cybersecurity, internet culture, media, and the attention economy. Feel free to participate or just lurk. We also have a lounge for you to talk about random subjects, and a jobs room for you to post notable opportunities. Also, pets, maybe.