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Housekeeping Notes

(1) You might’ve read this off Ben Smith’s column over at The New York Times on Sunday night, but I’m going to be part of new experimental thing with a few other fabulous newsletter writers — Casey Newton, Delia Cai, Anne Helen Petersen, Eric Newcomer, Ryan Broderick, Kim Zetter, and Charlie Warzel — where we’re all going to create a shared Discord server that’ll be open to paid subscribers for any one of our newsletter communities. The Discord project is called Sidechannel, and Casey, who’s really the Danny Ocean of this entire operation, wrote a whole thing in his newsletter yesterday laying out the thinking behind this experiment.

Call it a new member benefit. So, if you derive any value from Hot Pod and haven’t already become a paid subscriber, consider it. The rollout will happen in the coming weeks, though Hot Pod’s integration might be a little later than everyone else’s, because…

(2) Expect some major overhauls to Hot Pod Media by the end of the month. Details TBD, due to the fact that there remains ducks to line up, things to do, and so on.