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Housekeeping Note: August 25, 2020

Starting this week, the free Tuesday editions of Hot Pod are going to be syndicated as a weekly column on Vulture as part of its expanded podcast coverage, which you can read more about here.

It’s exciting, but unfortunately, this also means that Hot Pod will no longer be syndicated on Nieman Lab (a great website). I’d like to take this opportunity to express my deep, deep gratitude for Joshua Benton, Laura Hazard Owen, and the rest of the team over there — like Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, they plucked me out of obscurity when Hot Pod was a wee tiny newsletter, and I genuinely doubt I would’ve gotten anywhere if it wasn’t for their constant support and validation. I’m very, very proud to have been part of the Nieman Lab family.

Despite the move, nothing else really changes with Hot Pod. This remains an independent operation, I continue to own and do what I want with it, and I’m still a free agent, more or less. On a logistical note, there will continue to be Insider newsletters for paid subscribers every Thursdays and Fridays, as we remain built on a direct revenue model. (Speaking of which, become a paid subscriber today!)

Also, my work on Servant of Pod continues. More on that later.

It’s just that I’ll be doing a lot more work under the Vulture banner, including writing 1.5x Speed, that new podcast recommendation newsletter I told you about last week. (If you haven’t already, you can subscribe here.) It will take me a few weeks to settle in and get into the groove with that newsletter — which, by the way, will be owned by Vulture — but I’ll get there. In the meantime, send me your picks and press releases.

One last thing before we move on. Here’s some recent stuff I wrote for Vulture:

  • A long interview with the great Karina Longworth of You Must Remember This.

  • A review of Serial Productions’ Nice White Parents.

Okay? Okay! Let’s go.