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Help Wanted – December 2020/January 2021 (Closed)

Update, January 4, 2021 — This position has been filled!

Hey there!

I’m looking to hire a new contributing writer to expand Hot Pod’s coverage of the podcast community. This is a part-time, remote-friendly position that pays $500 per week.

You’ll be empowered to define areas and scope of coverage as you see fit, though I’d be encouraging you, in part, to apply particular focus on covering independent producers, operations, and projects.

Among the stuff you might write could be:

  • Profiles of interesting new producers, roles, shows, technologies, and companies;
  • Reports on stuff that’s happening in audio communities beyond the US and the UK;
  • Critiques and essays about specific shows or creative trends;
  • Assessments of needs among audio workers and independent producers; and so on.

The job’s pretty flexible, but there are still parameters, of course. Firstly, I have final say on your pitches and on what gets published. Secondly, you’d need to keep your deadlines. You know, basic stuff.

Early career writers are welcome to apply, as are women, people of color, nonbinary and LGBTQIA-identifying people, and those living outside the major media hubs.

If you’re interested in the gig, hit me up: nick (at) hotpodmedia (dot) com.