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Give the gift of Hot Pod Insider

Say you know somebody who would really appreciate a subscription to Hot Pod Insider, with its heaps of additional analysis, write-ups, stories, ideas, and opinions. Maybe that person is a journalism-student, or a freelancer, or an employee, or a person thinking about joining the podcast industry, or just a big ol’ nerd who loves this kind of stuff. (Come on in, we’re all nerds here.)

You know what you should do? Gift them a one year subscription to Hot Pod Insider! Here’s the button:

Gift a $70/year sub

  • Just click the button, and type in the Gift Recipient’s name, email address, the date on which you’d like them to be delivered the subscription by email, and an optional message.
  • Once you’re done with that, click through to “Payment Information,” and plug in all the details that you normally would when you’re buying something online.
  • On the delivery date, the lucky recipient will receive an email with your message and a link to activate their subscription. (They can change their receiving email, if they’d like.) If the recipient already has a Hot Pod Insider subscription — smart devil, that person — then the gift will kick in after the end of their current subscription, effectively serving as a year-long extension.

Two additional things for you, the gifter, to know:

  • You will not be charged again in the future. This is a one and done; once the recipient’s gift term is over, that’s it, unless you choose to manually gift another one. In which case, you’ll have to go through this flow all over again.
  • You do not have to be a Hot Pod Insider subscriber to gift a subscription. Think of it as a gift card.

And in case you need a refresher on what’s in a Hot Pod Insider subscription:

The Hot Pod Insider newsletters come out twice a week — chiefly Thursday and Friday, but may shift around based on the news cycle — that’s designed to:

  • Deliver exclusive coverage on news developments and trends to subscribers;
  • Deeper follow-ups to a specific topic from the week;
  • Catch and round up a news development that beat the free Tuesday newsletter drop, and/or
  • Pursue a broader idea or theme that may not fit the flow of the public newsletter.

Because these newsletters are spread out across more days within a week, they can afford to be shorter, pithier, and more concise. As such, they will each consist of about 1500-1800 words (that is, either three short news items or one deep column plus bites). By subscribing to Hot Pod Insider, not only will you be supporting my work here in Hot Pod, you’ll also get a better, more responsive picture to what’s happening in the podcast industry on a day-to-day basis. You’ll have access to future reporting and information experiments.

Aww yeah. Let me know if you have any questions: nick (at) hotpodmedia (dot) com.