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Gimlet Union Update #2

And while we’re on the subject of Spotify, we have some incremental updates on the union fight going on at Gimlet, courtesy of a Gizmodo piece that gives us a look into where the episode stands right now:

Earlier this week, Gimlet management “effectively declined” to recognize the union, Gimlet Union said in a tweet. It demanded a the proposed group of staffers seeking collective representation hold another vote to see how many favor a union, but seeks to bar around 30 current members of the bargaining unit from this revote. According to Gimlet employees Eric Eddings and Rachel Ward, both members of the union organizing committee, these objections are based on the belief that this sect of staffers — which includes hosts, editors, and some senior producers — occupy leadership roles.

The executive team “tried to exclude [these staffers] based on the idea that they were in management,” Eddings told Gizmodo in a phone interview. “We disagree with that notion because the manner in which we create podcasts is freakishly collaborative.” At a company of Gimlet’s size, he added, “there doesn’t exist a management layer for management’s sake.”

In case you missed the new piece of information: the re-voting dispute, it seems, revolves around the consideration of who is considered “management” and who isn’t. This is a sticky one.

The other significant finding from the Gizmodo piece that turned my head: Spotify Chief Content Officer Dawn Ostroff published an internal company message board post that essentially amounts to the adoption of a “y’all figure this one out on your own” approach to a company it now owns.

Gizmodo’s union, by the way, is also a member of WGAE, the same body that’s aligned with the aspiring Gimlet Union.