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Fremantle launches a new scripted podcast label, Storyglass

TV for your ears, part infinity.

The British TV production company Fremantle has announced that it has launched a new scripted podcast label called Storyglass. It will “commission and develop original scripted ideas from a range of storytellers from around the world” and be headed by former Amnesty International creative director Robert Delamere.

The launch date isn’t set yet, but they start with two shows: Baby, It’s Cold Outside, a piece about homelessness developed in partnership with the UK homeless charity Crisis, and Director’s Cut, which comes from a comedy theatre group and is a “dark comedy [that] wraps a murder mystery around a troubled film set that battles with the never-ending creative process and big egos”. The latter will have 20 episodes, while Baby, It’s Cold Outside will run over four episodes on consecutive days, according to Digiday. Apparently, both shows will have an exclusive window on Acast, before appearing on other platforms.

This isn’t the first TV production company in the UK to get into podcasts, but it’s certainly the biggest so far. It looks to be the beginnings of the same focus on the podcast-to-TV pipeline that has so dominated in the US, and is hopefully signs of further maturity in the UK market. More on this in future newsletters.