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For today’s election…

A quick and incomplete list of stuff various podcasts are doing for tonight’s vote count:

  • The Daily is doing a four hour-long live broadcast over the internet, which is technically streaming radio, but in any case Jody Avirgan is vindicated.
  • Axios will be dropping five minute-long episode updates on its Axios Today and Axios Re:Cap feeds throughout the night.
  • Slate is taping episodes of The Gist and Trumpcast to drop this evening, while What Next and the Slate Political Gabfest are taping tonight for an AM drop tomorrow. (Shout-out to Slate’s 2016 election night rolling podcast experiment, which was hosted by Zoe Chace and Alison Stewart. That was a fascinating idea that should be tried again… come to think of it, I think Axios’ five minute updates are a variation on this.)
  • There’s always NPR’s many various digital audio outputs.
  • WNYC’s On the Media is also doing a livestream tonight.
  • As are Futuro Media’s In The Thick with Maria Hinojosa and Julio Ricardo Valera.
  • As are Chapo Trap House.
  • Radio Ambulante’s El Hilo is planning a quick turnaround episode for whenever the results are in. (Assuming it’s within the week, and not, you know, a 2000 revival.)
  • KQED’s The Bay is following three poll volunteers throughout the day, and those recordings will be packaged as an episode for the next drop.
  • Pantsuit Politics is doing a live show on something called the Hot Mic app.
  • And because there is a god, Jon Mooallem is gracing us with a four hour-long special election episode of WALKING.