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FeedBurner deprecates MyBrand Service

Andrew Kuklewicz, CTO of PRX and friend of the newsletter, writes in to flag that FeedBurner, the RSS feed management provider that Google acquired in 2007 and which is still being used by many podcasters, has deprecated — i.e. retire and replace — its MyBrand Service, which allows users to implement their own custom domains to their feed URLs. In the official blog post on the matter, FeedBurner noted that existing domains will continue to work, but users will not be able to add new domain names starting next month.

Why does this matter? “Mainly because of control and portability, and branding a bit,” Kuklewicz tells me. He adds:

Just like it matters to have your own URL for your website, so you maintain control of your content, brand, intellectual property, and how and where that website is hosted, the same goes for a podcast.

Before with FeedBurner you could use your own domain name for your feed, so you could control where that URL points to — this and caching the feed for quick retrieval were the 2 best features. But now, any new feeds will only be on<feedname>.

That also means if you want to move your feed off FeedBurner, you can’t just change where your own domain points to; your only good option is to delete the feed from FeedBurner, which gives you a one time chance to put in a permanent redirect to another URL. Better than nothing, but not great.

Even after you do that, you’d want to update all the podcast listings like Apple Podcasts to use your new feed domain and URL, so it’s still a pain.

Something to keep an eye on.