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Fall 2018 Preview List

Last updated: September 3, 2018.

Audioboom is launching two original productions over the next few months: another true crime show called Dead Man Talking, and one on Hollywood history called Truth vs. Hollywood.

Cadence13 has four shows in the season: The Punies, created and directed by Kobe Bryant (yep), out August 25; Origins returns with seasons on Saturday Night Live and Sex in the City in September and October; The Oval Office Tapes, that Blumhouse collaboration, drops September 14; and What Really Happened? returns for its second season on September 19.

CBC has a stacked Fall slate: a new investigative series called Uncover debuts on September 5; Kaitlin Prest’s new fiction project The Shadows drops September 25; Love Me returns for its third season in late October; Other People’s Problems returns around October/November; Someone Knows Something returns on October 16; and a new family-oriented show called Tai Asks Why drops on October 24. Indie podcast The Secret Life of Canada also joins the CBC, and returns October 2.

Gimlet Media has five new projects scheduled for Fall/Winter season, two fiction and three non-fiction. The first drops on October 1, with the rest trickling out over the rest of the year.

Graham Media, a TV subsidiary of the Graham Holdings Company (parent of Panoply), has a new podcast department, and its first project is White Boy Rick, which covers the same story as the upcoming Matthew McConaughey movie of the same name.

James Kim’s delightful The Competition returns for a new season on September 2.

Lantigua Williams & Co. will roll out 70 Million, a project about criminal justice reform, on August 27.

New Hampshire Public Radio goes true crime: Bear Brook drops on October 3.

Night Vale Presents is readying up for two new shows: Adventures in New America on September 28 and Dreamboy on October 23.

Panoply has a slate of four podcast roll-outs over the next few months, including the returns of Broken Record and Family Ghosts.

PRX‘s fall slate: 99% Invisible is launching a spinoff by the great Avery Trufelman called Articles of Interest beginning September 25; Kitchen Sisters with a series called “The Keepers” starting September 11; Ear Hustle returns September 12; The Truth takes on the #MeToo movement in a new serialized season throughout October; ZigZag back October 11; This is Love returns in November; Radio Diaries and Everything is Alive continues publishing.

Radio Ambulante (distributed by NPR) returns for a whopping 36-episode season on September 11.

Science Friday’s Undiscovered (distributed by WNYC Studios) returns for its second season, its first as a co-production with WNYC Studios, on September 11.

Stitcher has four new shows lined up for wide release in the fall: The Dream, an investigative series by This American Life alum Jana Marie (scheduled for Sept. 24); Tilted, an interview series that comes from Sheryl Sandberg’s nonprofit (Oct. 9); Sold in America, an adaptation of the TV show from Newsy — which is also an EW Scripps company — that will be hosted by Noor Tagouri (Oct. 10); and Josie & Jonny Are Having a Baby (With You!) featuring comedians Josie Long and Jonny Donahoe (Nov. 6). The podcast company will also bring Wolverine: The Long Night out of its paywall on Sept 12.

Speaking of paywall, Stitcher has a two upcoming additions to its premium platform: Culture Genius, a game show by the creators of the Black Joy Mixtape podcast, Amber J. Phillips and Jazmine Walker (Sept. 12); and Purple Panties, an erotic fiction podcast by the bestselling author Zane (Oct. 11).

WBEZ has released 16 Shots, a collaboration with the Chicago Tribune that will serve as a “comprehensive look at the fatal police shooting of Laquan McDonald.” The podcast is designed to track alongside the trial of Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke, who will be on the stand for the murder of McDonald starting September 5.

WFAE, the public radio station in Charlotte, NC, is launching a new music show, called Amplifier, sometime in September.

Wondery has a whole lot: American Scandal, which builds on its American History Tellers series, on September 11; Superwomen with Rebecca Minkoff, which comes from a partnership with Minkoff’s company, out September 18; Legal Wars, a spinoff of Business Wars, out October 9; Gladiator: Aaron Hernandez and Football Inc, a collaboration with the Boston Globe’s Spotlight team, on October 16; and Imagined Life, a sort-of mystery-history shows on October 4.