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Et tu, Pinna?

What happened to Pinna, Panoply's kids-oriented paid podcast platform, after the Panoply layoffs? Unclear, but they're still making stuff.

Quick one here: one of the bigger questions — that I received, anyway — about Panoply’s recent divestment from content is the fate of Pinna, the paid on-demand audio platform for kids that the company launched around this time last year. When Pinna rolled out, I wrote that I thought the product was “the first really interesting attempt to get people to pay for podcasts.” (Still do, frankly.)

From the looks of it, Pinna appears to still be under Panoply’s ward, and it still appears to be publishing for now. I received a press release for an upcoming Pinna launch earlier this week — a Halloween-timed kids show called Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest!,  and when I asked if the platform was now a separate company from Panoply under Graham Holdings (Panoply’s parent company, in case you need reminding), I was told that there “no changes with Pinna” by the press contact.

That’s not to say that there won’t be any changes in the days to come, of course. And it’s worth considering that Grimm is very probably the product of a situation where the production timeline was well underway before Panoply executed its major internal changes. After all, Panoply is still due to publish Passenger List, its audio fiction collaboration with Lauren Shippen, sometime in Q4 of this year.

But it’s nonetheless another data point to track if you were one of those folks curious about the fate of this little experiment.