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Editor’s Note: June 2, 2020

Hey everyone. Nick here.

We’re not publishing an issue today. Not after the week we just had, and the week we’re having, marked by an explosion of massive justified protests across the United States and in cities around the world against police brutality, catalyzed by the police killing of yet another black American, George Floyd.

All this, in the middle of a pandemic that’s already disproportionately hurting black and brown communities across the country, a state of affairs that is itself the direct product of generations and generations of policies that have consistently denied them access to economic opportunity, healthcare, and pathways for legal recourse.

This is ultimately the tiniest of gestures, but we’re scrapping this week’s issue in solidarity with the protests, with those in pain, and with those who have been fighting for a more just world every single day of their lives. Because Black Lives Matter.

Further, I strongly encourage you to support racial justice and anti-police brutality efforts in whatever way you can. If you’re financially secure, please consider contributing to a number of efforts and organizations: The Bail Project, state-specific bail funds (see this Google Doc or this Act Blue page, keep in mind that some funds might be maxed out), Reclaim the Block, Black Visions Collective, or the National Police Accountability Project, among others. If you’re out in the streets, whether you’re a protestor or a helper or a journalist: please keep safe.

We’ll be back next Tuesday. Godspeed, everyone.

Illustration courtesy of Aude White, as usual.