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Closing News Bites: December 20, 2018

See you next year, dear readers.

(1) From Politico: “One was ousted from NPR amid allegations of sexual harassment. The other left Fox News shortly after writing a column widely panned as racist and anti-gay. Now they’ve been recruited to help launch a digital news startup with the stated goal of restoring faith in media.” Gross.

(2) Stitcher commissioned a series of Nielsen studies that found podcast advertising to be up to 4.4 times better at generating brand recall than display ads, including scroll, static and pop-up ads on other digital media platforms. This, all before major targeting tech, y’know? Here’s the AdWeek write-up.

(3) I quite liked this bit from RadioPublic CEO Jake Shapiro’s contribution to Nieman Lab’s Predictions for Journalism package: “Podcasting’s ‘bugs’ — difficult to scan, share, comment on — are actually its features. With Facebook and YouTube’s ceaseless sneezing, publishers are very much in need of podcasting’s antiviral cure.” That has long been one of my core beliefs about this space, though I understand that not everybody, like Breaker CEO Erik Berlin, agrees.

(4) The IAB’s Tech Lab has launched a Podcast Measurement Compliance Program, in case that means anything to you.

(5) Taking a cue from I Only Listen To The Mountain Goats by Night Vale Presents, The National are now the subject of an upcoming podcast, Coffee & Flowers, which will apparently employ a similar format. Here’s the Pitchfork write-up.

(6) Not everybody’s happy about NPR’s Remote Audio Data initiative. Specifically, Overcast’s Marco Arment, as documented by CJR’s Mathew Ingram, who last wrote about podcasting in the context of a bubble burst.

(7) Haven’t heard from Endeavor Audio in a while. From The Hollywood Reporter: “Rami Malek to Star in Thriller Podcast ‘Blackout’ From Endeavor Audio.”

(8) The LA Times, it seems, is on the hunt for an EP of Podcasts. *eyes emoji* [h/t Julia Turner]