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Cadence13 strikes up an exclusive partnership with Blumhouse TV

That’s the television division of the highly active and enterprising Blumhouse Productions, the Jason Blum-founded shop responsible for movies like Get Out, The Purge, and the Insidious franchise. Currently, the partnership will take the shape of a fiction podcast called The Oval Office Tapes, created by the documentarian RJ Cutler (of The War Room, the 1993 doc on the Bill Clinton presidential campaign) and written by former RealClearPolitics reporter Scott Conroy.

The podcast is set to debut on September 14. As part of the deal, Cadence13 will serve as the exclusive sales, distribution, and production partner for Blumhouse.

Worth noting: this isn’t Blumhouse’s first dalliance with podcasting. In the summer of 2016, the company’s consumer-facing digital web property — which comes out of a joint partnership with Red Seat Ventures — launched Shock Waves, a weekly conversational show around the horror genre. The podcast is still going, though the Deadline write-up accompanying the launch indicated that it was supposed to be the beginning of a bigger podcast network. Didn’t seem to turn out that way, though.