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Breaking: Stitcher hires new Chief Revenue Officer and Executive Producer

The EW Scripps-owned podcast company announced two high-level hires this morning:

  • Sarah van Mosel as the organization’s new Chief Revenue Officer; and
  • Daisy Rosario as the new Executive Producer, overseeing original programming and new show development.

Van Mosel joins from Market Enginuity, the Arizona-based sales and sponsorship firm specializing in public media, where she held the role of Chief Podcast Sales and Strategy Officer. Previously, van Mosel was Acast’s Chief Commercial Officer for about a year during that Swedish podcast platform’s first major push into the US back in 2015-2017, and before that she served as the Vice President of Sponsorship at WNYC, where she worked on the station’s early podcast monetization efforts.

This hiring fills the spot left open by Korri Kolesa, Stitcher’s most recent Chief Revenue Officer, when Kolesa, along with Chief Business Development Officer Lex Friedman, abruptly left the company to join Art19 back in February. It also leaves a prominent spot open at Market Enginuity, whose portfolio notably includes the entire PRX universe of podcasts.

“We are grateful for her leadership over the past two and a half years and appreciate all she did to build the awesome team we have today,” Harry Clark, EVP and Chief Revenue Officer of Market Enginuity, tells me. “Based on her departure, we will be looking to add to our team as well and continue to participate and collaborate within the industry. Our focus will remain on PRX’s network of podcasts and mission driven media.”

Meanwhile, Rosario joins from the DC Metro area public radio station WAMU, where she most recently held the role of Managing Producer, Podcasts. Previously, she has worked on WNYC’s Sooo Many White Guys as a producer, and on Latino USA as a senior producer. She also briefly held the role of Creative Director at 60dB, leaving a few months before Google acqui-hired the startup in late 2017.

Rosario succeeds Jenny Radelet Mast, who left Stitcher last month after three years at the company.

Okay, so, that’s a whole lot of chair-shuffling, but I expect we’re going to see quite a bit of ramifications from this, especially on the revenue side of the equation. I should say, though, that Stitcher hiring van Mosel didn’t strike me as particularly surprising — after all, the pool of deeply-knowledged podcast revenue operators working at a high level is vanishingly small, and there are only so many people who can easily fit into that Stitcher CRO role.

In any case, I’ll be keeping my eye on that open slot at Market Enginuity. Could be a good opportunity to elevate someone new.