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Breaking: Serial Productions unveils its next project

About an hour ago, the famed audio publisher now owned by the New York Times announced that its latest show will be a five-part series hosted and reported by Zoe Chace called The Improvement Association. The tagline: “A true story about election fraud,” and it features Chace traveling to Bladen County, North Carolina to “investigate the power of election fraud allegations — even when they’re not substantiated.” If I’m not mistaken, it’s connected to this story that she did back in December 2016.

The Improvement Association is scheduled to debut on April 13. The Times posted a trailer on its site.

Big fan of Chace over here, so I’m excited for this. I think her last piece for This American Life saw her zipping about the 2020 Iowa Caucuses with Dave Weigel — which, for a certain kind of nerd (i.e. me), made for a fabulous pairing.