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BBC Radio 6 Music to Test Personalized Promo Trails?

Interestingly, this isn’t coming directly from the Sounds team.

From Monday, the BBC is going to be testing dynamically inserted promotional trails on beta webstreams for BBC Radio 6 Music. Listeners on the radio, BBC Sounds and the BBC website will hear whichever promo the host plays, but anyone using the BBC Taster trial service will get a personalised trail based on the information they have supplied.

This seems like an obvious next step for the BBC, given how keen they’ve been to move listeners into BBC Sounds so they can collect data and offer more tailored recommendations. But interestingly, this isn’t coming directly from the Sounds team.

According to Earshot (which got the exclusive): “The initiative is the result of collaboration between Nathan Freeman and Matt Fisher in the BBC Pop Music Station Sound team, the corporation’s Internet-Fit Radio project under Chris Roberts, personalised audio specialist A Million Ads and production company On The Sly” and it’s appearing first on BBC Taster rather than being served to Sounds listeners because “as a proof-of-concept project, the experiment could be conducted much faster in the Taster environment”.

Fun fact: the BBC codename for this project is “BAXTER”. Because reasons.