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Insider: November 19, 2020 — Follow-up to Right Wing Pods, Revolving Door, Algorithms and Pavement

November 19, 2020

The Left Right Game

Speaking as a Wesleyan grad who majored in something that literally has the word “social” in the name, it’s really weird timing to be writing about a genre that includes Ben Shapiro. But whatever, this column has been a few weeks in the making, so let’s just roll with it. I’d like to begin by […]

November 17, 2020

iHeartMedia strikes creative partnership with Cloud10

iHeartMedia strikes multiyear creative partnership with Cloud10, the Los Angeles-based podcast network and production studio founded by Sim Sarna. Cloud10 is known for building out a portfolio of distinctly celebrity-driven shows like Work in Progress with Sophia Bush, Minor Adventures with Topher Grace, and Busy Phillips is Doing Her Best, and the studio itself comes […]

November 17, 2020

Another Local-National Bundle to watch

Here’s a technical experiment that caught my attention recently. For about a week and a half starting on Election Day, the Washington Post ran automated AI-powered audio updates reporting local and national election results at the top of episodes from three of its podcasts: Post Reports, Can He Do That?, and The Daily 202’s Big […]

November 17, 2020

Tracking: November 17, 2020

Quick thing… Apple Podcasts has rolled out a new web embed player feature, which has been a long time coming for the dominant podcast distribution platform. Also: Content creators John and Hank Green, best known together for their Vlogbrothers YouTube channel among a plethora of other projects, seem to have parted podcasting ways with WNYC. On […]

November 17, 2020

Insider: November 12, 2020

Spotify ads, everywhere?

November 12, 2020

Spotify to acquire Megaphone

The Swedish audio streaming platform announced the move this morning, stating in the official press release that it has “entered into a definitive agreement” to buy the podcast hosting platform currently owned by Graham Holdings. The deal is expected to come in at around $235 million, pending review, according to a person familiar with the […]

November 10, 2020

Union Groups in Spotify Continue to Push Contract Negotiation Process

All three podcast content companies that were acquired by Spotify since early 2019 — Gimlet, Parcast, and The Ringer — have officially unionized with the Writers Guild of America, East, and this morning, they’ve issued a joint statement pushing the Swedish audio streaming platform to engage them in “prompt and good-faith” contract negotiations. Here’s the […]

November 10, 2020

Tracking: November 10, 2020

News, broadly… Pushkin Industries announced a new sales and production partnership with iHeartMedia yesterday. They were previously repped by Cadence13, now owned by Entercom. Jane Coaston, a senior politics reporter at Vox who was also a panelist on The Weeds, is moving to New York Times Opinion where she has been named host of The […]

November 10, 2020

Insider: November 6, 2020

  • Content Violation
  • Spotify Follow-up
  • Election Mush… and more!
November 6, 2020