Kevin Cortez

Kevin Cortez is a writer based out of Orlando, Florida. His work has appeared in The A.V. Club, Genius, HipHopDX, EGM Now and Leafly. Bother him on Twitter.

The Podcast Swag of Tomorrow, Today

“Podcast merch is inherently uncool. That’s just what it is. But I think that from a business and community-building standpoint, it’s a smart decision, and we’re doing our best for the people who are listening to our show.” I’m on the phone with Chris Black, creative consultant, recommendation-giver, and one half of the older millennial […]

February 23, 2021

The Joys and Opportunities of “Passive Podcasts”

Generally speaking, it’s usually assumed that podcasts require us to give them our attention. But what about the ones that don’t? Even a cursory glance at the podcast charts would reveal that the bulk of popular shows tend to center around storytelling, informational, or educational experiences. And so, when we see something like WALKING — […]

February 16, 2021