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Apple Watch: “Stealth Success Story”?


Now that they’re strictly a technology-platform services company, it looks like Panoply’s trying to engage in some B2B brand marketing by way of #thoughtleadership. Case in point: a corporate blog post from a while back that argues (using Megaphone data) that Spotify is driving some amount of podcast listening growth in the middle of the country, and this week, another corporate blog post on describing the Apple Watch as a podcasting “Stealth Success Story.”

My general rule of thumb, with just about anything, is to never be so bold or definitive in the articulation of a derived measurement, so I took the post with a heaping grain of salt, and it seems I wasn’t the only one. I thought Zach Kahn, Vox Media’s Senior Manager of Podcast Marketing, phrased the necessary qualifications pretty well in a Twitter thread, essentially grounded in two points: (1) does it account for auto-downloads/transfers? and (2) hard to account for the overall impact without properly knowing the full-to-rough extent of the Apple Watch install base. In other words, we need more specific data to make that strong a claim. A slight irony, perhaps, given the general discourse around podcast measurement.