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Android Auto support for Google Pods thought to be imminent

Android Auto support for Google Podcasts is believed to be coming soon, according to an Android Police report. The Google-centric blog was apparently tipped by a reader who was able to get Google Podcasts routed through the person’s Android Auto app.

It’s been a while since I wrote about the connected car and its prospects for podcasting: nothing’s changed about the opportunity there. The question, of course, all comes down to the fight for representation within dashboard user interfaces — so pay close attention to the competition between Android Auto, Apple’s CarPlay, and OEM solutions — as well as how self-driving cars might affect audio-media consumption within commutes across the country. And I suppose you can also put some thought into changing personal transportation habits more broadly. I’ve been seeing a lot of those annoying electric scooters clogging up the streets lately, and while I doubt that, specifically, will impact the commuter’s relationship with radio/audio/podcasts, the fact that the whole electric scooter invasion seemed to happen out of the blue is nonetheless a reminder that orthogonal developments to The Way Things Are are always out there on the horizon.