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Advertising Notes: November 29, 2018

Dollar Shave Club, a first time buyer's experience, Panoply, and Pandora.

While we’re still on the subject of dollar dollar bills, a few things for the monetarily-minded to look at:

(1) A reader flagged this one to me: here’s a blog post written by a tech startup called Ahref on its experience buying advertising on podcasts for the first time. It’s… an absolutely fascinating post for a ton of reasons, and I highly encourage a skim for two reasons:

  • This is probably a fairly good expression of what a potential new advertiser goes through the podcast advertising cold for the first time, and
  • It says a lot about the state of available public information when it comes to podcast advertising. This, presumably, is the capture that Anchor Sponsorship is trying to make.

(2) Here’s a quick eMarketer piece on Dollar Shave Club’s experience with podcast advertising. It’s a super short Q&A, and it doesn’t highlight anything particularly new, but this A in response to a Q about whether programmatic is becoming a bigger part of podcast advertising is interesting: “It’s starting to get there. It’s not something that we have necessarily done yet, but I know that capability is there.”

(3) An annoying thing that I’m still encountering quite a bit: general observers reading “Panoply’s divestment from the content business” as “Panoply shutting down.” (To be fair, whatever annoyance I feel is still probably a pittance compared to what the company feels every time someone calls them “Panopoly.” Eeeyyooooo.)

Anyway, don’t you forget that they still exist, and that they’re continuing to push hard on their vision of what podcast advertising will be in the future. Here’s a ~branded content~ piece on something called Folio, which features a somewhat interesting interview with Director of Product (and Georgia’s finest) Joel Withrow.

This chunk stands out to me: Withrow: Perhaps the biggest shift we’ve seen, though, is in the precision of targeting that advertisers can now access in podcasting. For years, sales teams have been educating the market about the limitations of podcasts: ‘You can’t target demographically; you can’t measure conversions; you can’t run attribution studies.’ With Panoply’s investment in audio ad tech, we’re now flipping all of that on its head.

Last year, we saw dozens of brands jump into the space to test our demographic and intent-based targeting. Many have re-upped for additional campaigns, which points to significant growth in 2019—especially as other platforms catch up and begin offering similar capabilities. Next year, I expect we’ll also see new ad networks forming between publishers to provide significant reach to those more narrowly targeted budgets.

In another trend that’s encouraging brands to enter the space, we’re finally starting to see the entire podcast industry rally behind and adhere to uniform measurement guidelines with the release of IAB v2 late last year.

I’m doing an analytics column for next week, and so the bit on the IAB v2 adherence is something I’ve certainly been hearing quite a bit of this week.

(4) Finally: Pandora’s SVP of ad sales writes a ~branded content~ column for Adweek pitching the music streaming platform’s value to podcast advertising lest it… suffers the fate of music streaming.