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Your listing, product, service, and/or message will reach a sizable audience of producers, executives, investors, and journalists directly and indirectly involved in the podcast ecosystem. To put it another way: Hot Pod is read by lots of people who have stakes in podcasting.

Reach out directly for more details on the newsletter distribution size. The Tuesday newsletter average a ~40% open rate. That’s well above the average Media and Publishing newsletter open rate of ~21%.

How much does a Hot Pod Classified cost?

Each listing costs an absurdly affordable $150, with negotiable discounts if you wish buy more than one at a time.

What goes into a listing?

Every classified is limited to ~240 characters, not words, plus a link or call-to-action to send readers through. You’re free to compose the copy however you like — the more entertaining, the better! (you know, like everything else) — but it’s subject to my final review before insertion.

This is how the classifieds section looks:

At this point in time, the classifieds are only distributed through the weekly Tuesday newsletters.

By the end of fall, this will likely change.

Anything else?

With Hot Pod’s classifieds section, I have a few guiding principles: be thoughtful, be useful, and be chill. That’s about it.

This Week’s Listings:

Jacob Weisberg and Malcolm Gladwell’s new venture, Pushkin Industries, is looking for a Director of Business Development and Finance to join its team in NYC. This role will report to the CEO. More info here.

Snap Judgment is hiring! The award winning public radio show and podcast, based out of Oakland, is looking for an Operations Manager, a Technical Production Manager, a Community Editor, and more. Please see our jobs page for more info.

CAFE is hiring a producer/editor for its podcasts Stay Tuned With Preet (Bharara) and the Insider Podcast. We help our listeners make sense of law and politics… there is a lot to try and make sense of each week! Apply here.

Register for the free Infinite Dial webinar — 2pm ET, on Wed, March 6, from Triton Digital and Edison Research. Digital audio, radio, podcasts, smart speakers, mobile, social media. The longest-running study of consumer behaviors related to media and technology in the US. (Link)

Want PR for your podcast? McCartin/Daniels PR offers consulting services, media campaigns and tour support.  Contact Jacqui (at) mccartindaniels (dot) com

The Audio Podcast Fellowship at Stony Brook University gives podcasters tools and guidance to launch a podcasting career: from storytelling, production and marketing to guest lectures by top podcast professionals. Classes in the Hamptons and Manhattan begin in September. (Apply)

Podcast ad analysis by Magellan — Increase your return on advertising spend. Thousands of brands are advertising on the top 2,000 podcasts. Vet your media plan by quickly assessing a podcast’s viability and success with other brands like yours. Sign up for a free demo. (Link) is HIRING! We’re a podcast network (Best of 2018 by Apple!) and brand studio looking for: a designer, an editor at large, producers, hosts, and a head of community. Apply here or forward this listing to the any rockstars you know 🙂