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Advertise with Hot Pod

Why take out a listing on Hot Pod Classifieds?

Your product, service, message, and/or brand will reach a sizable audience of producers, executives, investors, and journalists directly and indirectly involved in the podcast ecosystem. To put it another way: Hot Pod is read by lots of people who have stakes in podcasting.

Reach out directly for more details on the newsletter distribution size. The Tuesday newsletter average a ~40% open rate, which is well above the average Media and Publishing newsletter open rate of ~21%.

With Hot Pod’s advertising options, I have a few guiding principles: be thoughtful, be useful, and be chill. That’s about it.

What advertising options are there?

There is just one ad product on Hot Pod: the Hot Pod Classifieds.

The Classifieds are exactly what they sound like: a piece of Hot Pod real estate where you get to post a message. This advertising unit is principally designed for job postings and product pitches, but you can also use it for messages, should you so wish.

This is how the Classifieds module looks like:

One Classified Listing costs $175. You get placement in one Tuesday newsletter.

There are bundled discounts for multiple week buys: two listings go for $325, three listings go for $475, and four listings go for $625.

The ad requirements are: the copy, around ~240 characters (not words) max and a link to drive readers through. You’re free to compose the copy however you like — the more entertaining, the better! (you know, like everything else) — but it’s subject to my final review before insertion.

Anything else?

Keep it cool.

Great! I want to buy one. What next?

Reach out to me directly: nick (at) hotpodmedia (dot) com. I handle everything myself.