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About Hot Pod

Hot Pod is a newsletter from The Verge that delivers news, analysis, and opinions on the audio industry. The weekly Tuesday issue is free, and you can subscribe to two additional Hot Pod Insider newsletters per week for $7 / month or $70 / year.

Hot Pod documents the beginning of a new age of audio, one in which more people than ever interact with audio content — whether that’s through a traditional podcast chat show, a live room on Clubhouse, a YouTube video, or Siri talking in their ears. Audio is going mainstream, and Hot Pod chronicles the bumpy road to that moment. There will be drama, infighting, tech companies feuding over show deals, and hand-wringing over the future of the industry. Who will win this audio attention war? Who will make money? Who gets to have a podcast? What happens to indie podcasters? What happens to podcasting’s open ecosystem? Are we experiencing a pivot to audio — is this all a bubble? Hot Pod will follow all of these questions and more, with the exclusive scoops and reporting that The Verge is known for.

Hot Pod is written and edited by Ashley Carman. Ashley is a senior reporter at The Verge, where she has covered a variety of beats, including dating apps, hardware startups, and the broad creator economy. She started reporting on the audio industry in 2018 and hasn’t looked back. Along with writing for The Verge, she has hosted the podcast Why’d You Push That Button? as well as the YouTube series In The Making. Prior to The Verge, she covered cybersecurity at an industry trade publication.

Hot Pod was originally founded by Nicholas Quah in 2014 and was acquired by Vox Media in September 2021. Nick is now a podcast critic for Vulture at New York Magazine, where you can continue to follow his work.

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