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Bilingual, Advertiser Watch

At the opening “provocation talks” event at the Third Coast Festival last night, Martina Castro — founder and CEO of the relatively new Adonde Media, a bilingual podcast production company — argued for the value of adapting and producing episodes for multiple languages, anchoring the argument in how such acts deepen the relationship with new audience communities for whom English are their first language…

Checking back in on the state of analytics

First week back, and I am indeed a little rusty! One clarification from Tuesday’s newsletter: my bad on mis-remembering the supposed rollout of the new Apple in-episode analytics were. I had written down in my notes that it was pegged to the iOS11 update — turns out that there were no explicit mention of a date from the company, and that the timeline was broadly “later this year.” From what I’ve been hearing, the holding position is actually pegged to the question of iOS11 adoption, and that a critical mass of adopters needs to be achieved before a proper analytics story can be consistently and effectively produced.